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secret link! Hi I'm Ashley. I always doodled, and my ultimate goal has always been to take my doodles to the next level. I painted and drew relentlessly throughout high school, and took the first opportunity to go to art school when I heard about Emunah V'Omanut in Israel.

After this I went on to complete the Independent Illustration program at Seneca@York, and I am currently continuing my education
at the Graphic and Package Design program at Humber College.

I can use many different mediums, but I like to specialize in watercolour paints and vector art. You can see examples of my work on the Portfolio page, and my previous work experience and
contact information on my Resume page.


My webcomic is on hiatus for now, the comic's Facebook Page will have details and updates accordingly.

I am teaming up right now with some friends over at the Friends Draw Stuff tumblr page to do cool weekly drawing challenges together! Each month has a different theme, go check it out!

Also, you can find me on all the various social medias
(linked on the left) under @ashtoledoart :D