Adidas | Parley for the Oceans

solangelogoThe shoe designed by the Adidas | Parley for the Oceans collaboration
is very limited edition, and the entire shoe upper is made from recycled
plastic fished from the ocean in the Maldives.

All of my original ideas centered on a display case for the shoes, since there are only 50 being made for this run they will not likely be worn.
My final idea was a two-piece shoebox with hinges that opens to reveal the shoes inside. One box would feature illustrated graphics and the other photos. Inside each box would be a transparent plastic inner wall, where in between the corrugate and plastic there would be tangled messes of recycled plastic to show the material and drive home the message.

After some critique and consideration however, I decided to move forward with a single, standard shoebox featuring illustrated graphics. This still has the plastic wall inside, showing the tangled mess trapped inside the walls of the box itself.



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